Founded in 2017, CAFINTO was born to “Uplift Coffee Experience” in the region. It is a B2B solution supplying essential ingredients to the food and beverage industry, namely coffee and its derivatives. The company serves customers in Oman and GCC and offers various technical solutions.

CAFINTO consists of three divisions: ROASTERY, ACADEMY, CAFE. The Roastery is the manufacturing element, processing raw green beans into high end coffee to be supplied to businesses. The Academy serves as the knowledge house, offering training courses for both B2B and B2C. The cafe is the showroom were brewing, demonstration and sampling of Roastery Products are done. 

CAFINTO is an integrated solution designed to fulfill a market demand in Oman and GCC. It has a promising scaling opportunity with an already established success since its commission.

Industry: Food and Beverage

Headquarters: Muscat, Oman

Year Invested: 2017

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